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Differential Switches, Differential Pressure Switches and Pressure Differential Switches
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A negative rate type pressure switch (i.e., a Belleville spring) is a snap acting device. At a certain pressure (apex of the spring curve) the spring snaps over center. At this point, it takes pressure (force) to continue its movement. The pressure switch set point is a function of the Belleville spring. The electrical switch is in a fixed position and is synchronized to the movement of the Belleville. Our Neo-Dyn switches feature a negative rate Belleville spring snap acting device which offers greater set point stability, vibration resistance, over-pressure capability and cycle life.

Although, our standard product line is among the broadest in the industry; Pressure Switches General Purpose, Pressure Switches Hazardous Area, Vacuum Switches General Purpose, Vacuum Switches Hazardous Area, Differential Switches Hazardous Area, Temperature Switches General Purpose, Temperature Switches Hazardous Area, Sanitary Switches and our Switch Accessories. If you do not see what you want, please submit your request (link below) and our customer-support and engineering staff will work with you to provide a switch, ideally suited to your application.

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Differential Switches General Purpose

General Purpose and Hazardous Area switches are catagorized by NEMA standards. Click on either the product image or the product description to view the switch datasheet.
click to view the 151px PDF datasheet.
151P NEMA 4x, 7, 9 and 13
Series Differential Pressure Switch. This low range adjustable switch is compact in design with stable set points that are not affected by system pressure changes. Enclosure 6.
click to view the 152P PDF datasheet.
152P NEMA 4 & 13
Series Ultra Low Differential/Pressure Switch. Designed for differential pressure crossover applications. The 152P switch has a wide range of internal wetted materials to replace the necessity for diaphragm seals. Enclosure 3.
click to view the 160P PDF datasheet.
160P NEMA 4 & 13
Series Differential Pressure Switch. The 160P is a mid-range adjustable differential pressure switch. A weather proof enclosure and stable set points during system pressure changes make these switches ideal for a wide variety of applications. Enclosure 3.